Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

The firm recognizes that alternative dispute resolution [ADR], yields substantial economic benefits to litigants and administrators within our legal system. The firm recognizes that the effective use of mediation is a necessary component of litigation management and efficiency. Our experience as litigators and mediators enhances our ability to analyze the merits of claims and to offer sound advice regarding the most appropriate way to resolve disputes. Budget and strategy meetings are conducted to assess estimated costs, which process, by and large, involves our clients.

The experience of Maunga Maanda and Associates in the area of litigation allows it to efficiently and effectively handle disputes from the period before a law suit is filed until final disposition on appeal. The firm’s litigation practice covers the full range of civil legal problems common to banking and other commercial sectors including debtors and creditors’ rights, insurance, trade mark infringements, commercial and government contracts. The firm also has expertise in prosecution and defence of personal injury claims, insurance claims, and civil rights law including class actions.

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