About us

Maunga Maanda and Associates is a commercial law and human rights chamber established in 2005.

We provide quality legal services primarily to the corporate, small business, to Government sectors and defends human rights. The principal goal of our firm is meeting the diverse legal needs of large or small businesses, institutional clients, and the vulnerable.

The firm serves as legal advisor to major corporations, privately-owned companies, non-governmental organizations in areas of corporate law, real estate, litigation, labor and employment, personal injury, estate administration, and town planning as well as taxation, municipal and public law, human rights, family law, banking law, and contract compliance. The firm also participates in major criminal cases in defense of the accused. The firm is also prominent in the area of Human Rights litigation.


Maunga Maanda and Associates presently carries on practice in Harare and Mutare. The firm is organized into six major practice areas. View all Services
  • Arbitration
  • Debt Collection
  • Civil litigation
  • Conveyancing
  • Construction Law
  • Renewable Energy
  • Labour & Employment
  • Corporate/Commercial Law
  • Criminal & Human Rights Law
  • Mining Law

“Maunga Maanda & Associates is a Law firm that strives to achieve results that exceed expectations through Our Commitment to Our Clients Adding maximum value to their business.”

Maunga Maanda And Associates
The nature of the firm’s practice and structure, combined with the broad experience of its legal practitioners allows for the efficient coordination of work within and among the various practice areas. The firm’s current clients include corporations; public companies, small and big private limited companies pursuing different business objectives in commerce and industry, parastatal bodies, non-governmental organizations, estate agents, trusts, individuals, and human rights defenders. All its legal practitioners are registered with the right of audience in all courts of the country.

Our Legal Charges & Pricing Policy

We deliver quality services and give our clients good value for money. We encourage our clients to discuss the question of our fees. Whenever possible our professional team indicates the basis of our legal charges from the onset. Our fees, in line with the Law Society Tariff, are based on time spent on the job, the complexity of the matter, and the value to the client, in addition to the Law Society’s recommended tariff for other work which is not litigation related. We regularly bill clients by stating the attendance done.